&Now 2019: Points of Convergence 

Keynotes: Barbara Browning, LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs and Nathaniel Mackey 

9/19-9/22/2019 | University of Washington, Bothell

The literary world is both a microcosm and litmus for issues that have rocked the nation and the world. &NOW 2019 POINTS OF CONVERGENCE will provide a space for conversations, performances and readings that seek to articulate, bridge, or resolve these conflicts. A point is a location and also a salient detail.  No effort is too big or too small to create a crack in the edifice that locks us in. 

The possibility of points of convergence will be taken up through a diverse set of experimental works—from those that engage the intersections of literature, art and performance, to those that use the languages of these arts to challenge the structures that constrain us. We will seek points where divergent practices come together and query the point of such practices with respect to local, national, and international political arenas. We will ask what is the point?

Our current political landscape is one of intense division. This entrenchment is fostered by social media, in which we participate in conversations, read articles, and post to message boards that reify our positions and replicate our biases. This echo chamber fosters feelings of fear, anger, and hopelessness, and prevents moving our conversations in new directions. We wish to move conversations forward by concentrating on the very point of written, visual and performance arts.

Call for Submissions:

We welcome proposals from anyone, at any career stage, with or without institutional affiliation. 

We seek panels that reflect diverse backgrounds, embodiments, and experiences.

We strongly encourage proposals from groups and individuals from populations normally underrepresented at innovative, avant-garde, and experimental literary arts gatherings. 

Sessions will be 75 minutes long, and both individual and group proposals should take this into account. Individuals should expect to be grouped with other presenters whose works share thematic or aesthetic concerns.

Proposals should be 300 words or less. Sign in or create an account below to view complete application details.

Please submit:

  • Critical appraisals of convergent works
  • Presentations of convergent practices
  • Articulations of difference
  • Experimental approaches to the conference topic, including: actions, collaborations, conversations, electronic and multimedia projects, exhibitions, installations, performances, rituals, roundtables, and screenings.
  • While exhibition space is limited, we welcome proposals for works that address the conference themes and that can be exhibited for the duration of the festival. Please note that traditional exhibition space on campus is limited, so if your work might comfortably—or ideally—be sited outside of a gallery context, please indicate this in the proposal.
  • We especially welcome hybrid practices that disrupt binary thinking and open dialogue about convergence. 
  • Each individual may submit one individual or group proposal and may be a group member on a second. 
  • If submitting a group proposal, only one member of the group should submit, but they should include the names, plans, and biographies of all participants.

Points of Convergence Workshops:

This iteration of &Now specially solicits workshops at which attendees can develop interdisciplinary creative practice that addresses, circumvents, or converges upon the schisms of the current moment. 

  • We invite workshop conveners to create space to think through interdisciplinary practice, social justice, and healing.
  • We seek proposals for co-taught workshops by two presenters from different perspectives, media, or genres.
  • Please envision a workshop that can flexibly accommodate a range of 15 to 30 participants.
  • Selected workshop proposals will receive an honorarium of $150 to offset costs.

Please contact with any questions.